If you are anti-war, be pro-peace. To be against smth or to be pro smth?

Mother Theresa never join anti -war movement, invite me to the pro-peace movement and I'll join it.

As a very well known political statement the one you first will hear or learn in the political class is "You can't win the election, or any movement if you are not agains something ", you need to find the bad guy and unite people against him. We all remember fighting against terrorism, fighting against violence and so on and so on... we are fighting everything we don't want /violence, war, drugs, terrorism .../ , but according to simple logic anything we focus on we do create. We are adding our energy to it. "What you resist, persist" Karl Jung 1875- 1961. Anti war/drugs movement creates more war, drugs and so on

Lets focus more on living in abundance, education, peace. So if you are anti-war, be pro -peace. Energy flows where attention goes. читать на русском

If you are ant-war, be pro-peace.
What you resist, persist
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